2012 'Going with the Flow', an interactive installation for Waterman’s gallery, part of the International Digital Festival, shown for 6 weeks during the Olympics in July. I was commissioned as the British representative.

2011 'Waiting for the Olympics', a short animated film, work in progress

2010 'Going with the Flow', an interactive installation for the Cultural Olympiad, using half of a sculling eight, a rowing machine, video projections and sound.

2010 Limousine in Art Expo, showing 'Credit Crunch' while being driven around London.

2009 'Credit Crunch' is a short film exploring people’s attitudes to money via their purses and wallets. Shown at the London International Documentary Festival 2010, Art Expo London 2010

2005 'Drawn to Love' was created especially for the Moscow Contemporary Arts Centre "M'ARS" and the festival 'Art Digital' 2005: 'Digitalised Love'. It used series of drawings by Gail Pearce taken from the past 20 years, and reflects some of the crises of love as well as a pleasure in drawing the body.

2000-3 'emplacements' is a series of international exhibitions, workshops and talks emphasising place and identity, cultural collaboration and site specific art. My work explored the digital possibilities of enablement, from low to high tech, using video and computers. Three video installations culminated in 2003, in St Petersburg, Russia, for the 300th anniversary of the city.

2003 'Time Flies' ('emplacements') video installation made with Irina Golovenok, Russian artist and architect, using Chronoton timepiece making factory in the Ziegel building in SPb. This video explores architecture and journeys over time, using video effects on watches and clocks from all over St Petersburg.

2002 'Ghost of the Artist'; ('emplacements'), video installation made at the Red Banner factory, designed by Erik Mendelson, St Petersburg. A video installation onto T-shirts from the Red Banner factory as a screen for lost images of the artist in the factory.

2000 'Sleeping Beauties'; ('emplacements') video installation with local young women, superimposing their images onto the River Neva, while representing miniature boats as brides.

2000-1 'Hotdesking' a Year of the Artist screensaver project for Essex County Council: using a series of images chosen by employees of the council to explore the psychology of 'dead' time in use of computers

2000-1 'Cooking the Books', Year of the Artist: digital and Super 8 project for Colchester: the connections between technologies and memory. Using digital and analogue formats to create an installation showing how merging of time and objects can create a third process. A collaboration with Bob Jaroc.

1998/9 'Asylum': international artists' website project, part of the Channel project: four international artists using email and web technologies collaborating to build a cross cultural resource exploring the technical, emotional and spiritual idea of asylum.

1998 'Links & Connections', Moscow L - Gallery/Sunderland Reg Vardy Gallery 'Digital Flickbooks': a low tech project involving over twenty artists using paper. My work explored family histories as represented through resolutions of digitally inspired problems.

1998 'Mirror, Mirror': interactive installation at Zone festival, Maidstone: using research from interactive and digital sources, use of basic interactive hardware, explorations into experience and reaction in controlled environments. Themes of violence and the question of choice in relation to violence were examined.

1997 'Millennium Fever': screensaver installation for Westminster Arts Council, at Studio Theatre. Working with technologist Dave Barnard, the amount of time until the 1999 deadline was measured and devices to resolve the fear of the 'millennium bug' were created by preparing audience for the world changing back to 1900.

1996 'Mirror, Mirror': interactive installation at Royal College of Art : as above

1995 'Magic and the Grey Box': interactive computer piece, shown at Desire by Design conference: early work exploring the convergence of art and randomness. Digital elements were used to create magic and mystery.


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